Bulletproof Armored Body and Robust In-Vehicle Vault System

This cash transport vehicle features bulletproof and armor specifications. The specially armored body and bulletproof glass fully protect the crew and cargo from harmful bullets. The specifications offer protection against all handguns and shotguns, including the TT-33 pistol.

Armored Glass
SSecurico’s armored glass exceeds US Department of Justice NIJ-IIIA standards for bullet protection (handgun level), and can further provide protection against the high initial-velocity and high-penetration Tokarev pistol rounds (FMJ), and the even higher penetration steel-jacketed rounds (MSJ). Securico has also developed thinner and lighter bulletproof glass jointly with the glass manufacturer. Bulletproof glass is considerably heavier than ordinary glass, with consequent problems of raising and lowering windows, and related malfunctions. Securico employs its own unique solutions to this problem, resulting in reliable vertical motion of powder window by motor.
Run Guard System
The Run Guard System employs wheels permitting continued movement of the vehicle despite punctured tires. The system has received high praise in the US and Europe.
Punctures at the scene of the crime, and in the event of an attack, are a definite possibility, and the efficacy of the Run Guard System becomes clear in such emergencies. The Run Guard spinner ensures that the tire retains its shape, permitting emergency escape from the scene. The spinner does not normally contact the tire, and thus normal ride is maintained.
Security Systems
The wireless remote control enables easy ON/OFF activation of the alarm system.
The door lock interlock (OP) locks all doors when the alarm turns ON, and unlocks all doors when the alarm turns OFF. This feature is very handy when opening the doors with one hand while carrying cargo.
The engine start circuit turns OFF when the alarm turns ON, eliminating any concern that someone may drive off with the vehicle.
If someone breaks into the vehicle when the vehicle is not manned, a loud electronic siren sounds, discouraging criminal activity.
When the vehicle is subject to oscillation, impact, or inclination, the alarm sounds, preventing vehicle movement and destruction.
The accelerator can be locked (OP) by wireless remote control from a remote location (within approx. 100 m), preventing anyone from driving off with the vehicle.
An emergency button is installed in the driver's seat area, spare chamber, and vault. Pressing the button in an emergency sounds the motor siren and turns on the headlights, notifying the surrounding area that an abnormal situation has occurred.
The SCOT system (OP) security controller and GPS make it possible to identify the current location of each transport vehicle and the respective route states at a glance, and automatically notifies the control center immediately if an emergency situation arises, displaying information on a map on a computer. This makes quick and accurate police notification possible. Further, the control center can utilize the remote control function to sound the emergency siren of the transport vehicle and execute advanced security control by, for example, forcibly stopping the engine, forcibly locking the vault, and spraying fluorescent paint.

In-Vehicle Vault System
Light, robust, double-layered vault, made of special steel (equipped as standard in all types)
The vault key utilized is a special operations key that cannot be copied at a general key store.

The vault is fully automatically locked. Never is the act of locking the vault forgotten.

The system can be equipped as a numeric keypad (secret code) system, ID tag system, or fingerprint verification system, in accordance with the security level. (OP)
All vaults are provided with an emergency escape device to prevent lock-in as standard.

Work lights, emergency buttons, door stoppers.


S-type Standard
Standard Type

The standard cash transport vehicle based on a four-door vehicle offers three-person seating and a vault of the highest capacity. The vault is provided with two equipment hatches, one left-side single-door and one rear double-door, and has a double-layer metal structure (with special keys). This type is mainly geared toward security companies and transport companies. Coin transport specifications are also available.
*Vault: Rear double-door and side single-door

C-type  Concealed

Concealed Type

This vehicle is based on a four- or five-door vehicle, offering a three- to four-person riding capacity. The vehicle features a cargo compartment window glass fully blocked from the inside with steel sheets, and an installed vault.
The vault has a double-layer metal structure (with special keys), and is available in the same types as the S type and D type as well as in a simple rear double-door type. The vehicle is made so that it is virtually indistinguishable from an ordinary van from its outer appearance. This C type is optimum for financial institutions, cash collection vehicles, and the like.
*A:Vault: Rear double-doors with a single-door on the side
*B:Vault: Rear double-doors with a slide door on the front

D-type Street delivery
Street Delivery Type

This type is based on a four-door vehicle, offering a four-person riding capacity. The system was developed to ensure safe deliveries on streets and roads. The vehicle has a three-compartment type vehicle body, divided into a driver’s compartment, spare compartment, and vault. When items are carried in and out of the vehicle, the spare compartment door is locked and the vault is opened. Once the vault is locked, the spare compartment is opened. The rear door is only used when the vehicle is located inside a secure facility. By minimizing the amount of cash damage resulting from robbery, this vehicle offers an increased crime prevention effect.
*Vault: Rear double-doors with a slide door on the front

Back monitor TV, patrol mirror, numeric keypad/electronic key, wireless door lock, back sonner, power lift, dual airbag, ABS (anti-lock brake system), GPS navigation, accelerator interlock, overhead dual air-conditioning, wireless ID tag, GPS emergency location notification system, barcode scanner, mobile communication, emergency strobe light, other