MINIBUS ! Bulletproof & Blastproof for troubled areas

Ballistic resistance : Effective against assault rifle ammunition 7.62 X 51 mm ball ( Ballistic resistant rating NIJ-III / EN-B6 )
Blastproof : Effective against simultaneous explosions of 2 NATO grenade DM51s

・Best for a transportation of large number of personnel also best for staff members' travel to work
・To protect passengers from damages of gunshots and/or explosions caused at a mugging,kidnapping or terrorist attack.
・It looks a standard minibus though it is actually a bulletproof armored vehicle.The vehicle does not attract people's attention carelessly.

・Toyota Coaster (Capacity : 26 people, 4.2L diesel engine) is a base vehicle.
・We aim for the weight reduction using the most advanced materials such as Kevlar, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, special steel, bulletproof glass, etc.
・All the windows are designed to be of bulletproof specification.
・A body is converted using special steel, Kevlar, etc.
・Even if tires are shot and punctured, Run Flat System allows you to drive forcibly.
・A roof is converted to be bulletproof while blastproof measures are taken for the underfloor.