Company name
Securico Co.,Ltd.
Registered trade name

Headquarters address
〒 349-0133 4075-2, Uruido, Hasuda-shi, Saitama
Phone +81-48-766-0527 Fax +81-48-766-1080
Company established
November 30th 1995
Company representative
Yasushi Kawamoto
Toyota Motor Corporation Nissan Motor Co.,Ltd. Isuzu Motors Limited Hino Motors, Ltd. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Honda Motor Co.,Ltd. Daihatsu Motor Co.,Ltd. Suzuki Motor Corporation etc.
Domestic governmental authorities, overseas governments, major enterprises etc. Privacy concerns prevent publication of further details.
Member group
* The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
* Japan Society for Security and Crisis Management
* The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department jurisdiction special violence prevention measures federation
* ASIS( American Society for Industrial Security ) Japanese branch
By providing products, we support risk management for police officers, specified public officials, managers of particular facilities, employees of security companies. Also, our customers can be people who hold high social standings in the politics, religious organizations, cultural organizations, sports, mass communications, and the entertainment industry.
Main Business
* Developing and producing cars which are specially equipped
* Developing and producing special equipments for the police and security companies
* Renting a car and leasing vehicles and equipments
* Selling bulletproof glasses, bulletproof material and equipment
* Dealing with security goods, exporting and importing vehicles
SECURICO is the first private company in Japan that put the bulletproof technology into practical use. We professionally develop and produce armored vehicles for VIP and bank transport trucks. In terms of specification of our products, our main goal is "Real Protection" by focusing on the hardware.
We closely accompany with foreign producers of armored cars, bulletproof glasses, and bulletproof materials. So, we act as an agency in order to introduce foreign advanced products. We import and sell advanced products and parts from overseas in addition to our original products


* Developed B-6 “Assault Ladder Vehicle” based on the truck (i.e. Mitsubishi Fuso Truck) for the government office.
* Received an order of the penetration comparative examination by the various bullets for the building material or other special materials.
Performed shoot examination at the foreign laboratory.
* Succeeded in safety management seminar for the person who goes to the foreign trouble spot countries as business.
* Delivered ballistic shields and armor plates for the government office.
* Delivered armored sedans and armored SUVs.
* Delivery of “Neutron shield” of CBRNE measures.
* Mass delivery of bank transport trucks for the Government-affiliated corporation.
* Given the security education and practical skill training for all the duties sections.
* Exhibited CBRNE protection at crisis control exhibition in October at RISCON TOKYO 2012.
* Delivered NIJ-4/EN-B7 ballistic shields for prevention from armor-piercing for the government office.
* Produced and began sales of armored New Lexus GS450.
* Newly-established own factory in Saitama. Unify the base as the production and developmental research.
* Got a certificate of “automobile maintenance factory as a certified factory” from the Chief of the Kanto District Transport Bureau
(Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)
* Developed, produced and began sales of “Rifle Slug” Ballistic Shield.
* Manufactured and began sales of the armored Chevrolet Express.
* Got an import sales license of the armored ceramic which is the level-Ⅳ corresponding to 14.5mm machine gun(incendiary bombs and
armour-piercing) by STANAG standard. Passed performance test in Japan and began sales of “CERAMAX EX”.
* Heavy armor (level EN-B6 for the rifle reinforced bullet) land cruiser etc. are delivered to Government and municipal offices.
* A system telecommunication special vehicle is delivered to Government and municipal offices.
* March - Completed delivery of vehicles for the Summit.
* April - Developed a security system for trucks transporting important freight and data, and a mobile management system for buses, trucks, and
passenger vehicles comprising vehicle-mounted cameras and a digital video recorder. Commenced sale of the systems through distributors.
* Received a large order for armored vehicles for the Lake Toya Summit.
* October - Exhibited at the 2008 Special Equipment Exhibition & Conference for Anti-Terrorism (SEECAT) as a special joint event in conjunction
with the Security & Safety Trade Expo (RISCON TOKYO).
* Local manufacture of a prototype truck-based armored vehicle.
* Concluded a contract with the largest manufacturer of armor protection material in the Netherlands, DSM Dyneema B.V., for license
manufacture and sales of its ultra-light armor protection material.
* Concluded a contract with Trijicon Inc., manufacturer of telescopic sights and reflex sights etc. for the US military, to act as its distributor in
* Get a license for the sale of firearms, ammunitions, and explosives.
* Produced and delivered New Lightweight Ballistic Shield (NIJ-III) for the government office.
* Delivered Armored Land Cruiser for Iraq and the other disputed area.
* Delivered Armored Land Cruiser for foreign government.
* Produced and deliver Blast Proof Shield for Bomb Disposable Team for Afghanistan.
* Introduced Mil. Advanced Ballistic Material CERAMAT which consists of ceramic and advanced material composit.
* Moved the main office to Nishishinbashi.
* Certified as an armor vehicle maintenance plant by the Metropolitan Police Department.
* Delivered ARMORED SUV 4WD vehicle which is bulletproof against rifles, blast proof, and against antipersonnel mines for Afghanistan and the
other disputed area.
* Domestically produced and delivered Ultralight weight Ballistic Shield for the Special Operations Troop.
* Established the Japan Ballistic Laboratory, relegated the ballistic trajectory test and research and development.
Increased capital to 40,000,000JPY.
* Introduced TOYOTA Armored Century and exhibited on Security Show.
* Business tie up with European Leading Manufacturer Joint development of ARMORED SUV.
* Domestically introduced Armored Mercedes Benz.
* Business tie-up with the United States major armored vehicle manufacturer.
* Began the import sales and the overseas consignment remodeling of a bulletproof passenger car.
Based on Temporary Measures Law Article 4 Clause 1 which promotes creative business activity, permitted to research, developed, and    
experimentally produced armored cars and materials by Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office.
* Introduced armored bank transport truck TACT Series.
* Introduced security vehicle SV-20.
* Newly established a plant in Saitama and started to produce originally.
* Introduced Multipurpose armored car AMT Series.         
* Established by Toshiro Tanoue.

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