Structural features of resistance

❶ The armoured lock is protected by 2 drilling resistant manganese plates.
❷ The bodies of the main and additional locks are installed in protective steel boxes.
❸ Higher security hinges have height adjustment mechanisms.
❹ On the hinge side, there are eight 16mm diameter locking points.
❺ On the lock side, there are six locking points and 2 additional points directed upwards and downwards. A separate protective sleeve secures each lock pin in the door frame.
❻ The door leaf is of a combined structure: grating, steel sheet and grating again, so even if the outside grating was damaged, the door is still protected by the steel plate and inside grating.
❼ Double thermal insulation: a 3 cm layer of rock wool on both sides of the steel sheet. It provides excellent noise and thermal insulation for the door.
❽ The entire ultra strong structure of the door is covered by finishing board whose colour and design can be customized.
❾ The lock pins are protected against damage not by steel sheet, but by a 15 mm thick bent profile.
❿ The frame is fixed in the opening by 17 pins, protected by steel liners of 24 mm.

Bulletproof doors of CAD data

Security doors skydas standard carvings

PVC films

Door decoration Umidax HLS colours

Colours of the metal door leaf and door casing


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